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 Silver Sage Equestrian Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement 

 1. RECITAL. I the undersigned Participant, desire to participate in using, riding, exhibiting or other involvement with horses, and/or in other activities conducted at, with, or from Silver Sage Equestrian (herein after referred to as SSE) 732 West 500 South, Farmington, UT 84025. As part of the consideration for such participation, and to induce SSE to allow me to participate, I have agreed to this Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement (herein after referred to as Agreement). This agreement will apply to my participation in such activities on any date on or after the signature date indicated below, unless and until I give formal written notice to SSE that I will no longer be bound by this Agreement. I further understand that any formal withdrawal from the Agreement by me will result in my inability to participate in any activity on, with, or from SSE. 

2. ACKNOWLEGDMENT OF RISK. I understand that there are substantial risks and dangers inherent in keeping, training, transporting, approaching, being around, and riding horses and related equine activity; these risks and dangers apply to myself and other third parties. I realize that dangers may arise at any time, anticipated or unanticipated, including dangers to my life, the lives of third parties from the unpredictable nature of horses and from other causes such as the acts or omissions of other riders, trainers, employees, the unpredictable nature of horses or other animals, conditions or circumstances on SSE grounds. I voluntarily assume all risks and dangers of death, harm, and/or damage to my person or property, resulting from or arising out of conditions at or about SSE grounds, the activities carried on here at SSE, and the actions of third parties and their animals not controlled by SSE. I assume all risks and danger of injury, death, harm and/or damage to the person or property of SSE and/or other third parties caused by my actions. I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of any of the foregoing. 

I further agree to keep my horse(s) and any other animals belonging to me, as well as my children and guests on the SSE grounds in control at all times and to act at all times in a reasonable and prudent manner and to not act negligently and acknowledge liability for all of mine and their actions. 

3. HARD HAT WAIVER. I have read and understand the SSE Rules and Regulations and I agree to abide by them and to require that my children and guests abide by them at all times. I recognize the SSE Rules and Regulations require the use of an adequate hard-hat by all riders under the age of eighteen (18). I recognize that wearing a hard-hat could prevent permanent brain damage in the case of an accident. If I, or a minor in my party, decline to wear a hard-hat while on SSE grounds, I assume all risks involved in handling and riding horses without wearing a hard-hat.


4. RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, WAIVER, AND PLEDGE. I further release, discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless SSE, its owners, managers, agents, officers, employees, contractors, veterinarians and farriers, and successors of the foregoing, to the fullest extent allowed by law, from any claim, suit, expense or loss which arises out of my participation in activities at the premises of SSE, the stabling of horses at SSE, my involvement in use care handling, approaching, riding, pasturing, transportation, or exhibiting of any resident or visiting horses including stallions, or the condition of the premises, horses, equipment or tack at SSE. I further waive and release subrogation claims of all medical, disability, property, and liability insurers, including, but not limited to damage resulting in medical and convalescent care, and cost of support; and as security for this Release and Hold Harmless, I grant and pledge a security interest in all money and proceeds arising from any claim therefore, that includes damages due to SSE, including insurance proceeds, trust and guardianships, remainders and proceeds from testate to intestate succession, which I agree not to relinquish or disclaim. This RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT includes, without limitations claims for negligence pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 78B-4-201 through 78B-4-203. 

I will comply with the rules of SSE and the instructions of its employees with regard to my use of horses and property and consent to the immediate termination of my riding privileges and/or any participation of any kind on SSE grounds, without refund, if in the opinion of SSE or its representatives my conduct, or the conduct of someone or something in my party is such that the risk of personal injury or property damage is of concern. 

5. SUPPLEMENT TO STATUTORY LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. I understand that SSE’s liability as an equine activity sponsor is limited by Utah State Law and I intend SSE’s rights under this Agreement to be in addition to these statutory limitations and not as a replacement for them. 

By my signature I acknowledge that I have read and understood the foregoing Agreement and have agreed to it voluntarily, intending to be legally bound. 

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