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 Silver Sage  Equestrian  Cancellation Policy 

 This policy serves as Silver Sage Equestrian’s standard as it pertains to the cancellation of scheduled lessons. 

Due to high demand for riding lessons, advanced notice of lesson cancellations is vital in ensuring that Silver Sage Equestrian instructors are able to offer one-time lessons to riders on our “Waiting List” as a result of a cancellation. 

Cancellation Expectations and Associated Payment: 

1) Silver Sage Equestrian understands scheduling conflicts arise and students may not be able to attend all of the scheduled lessons. However, if a rider is unable to attend their scheduled lesson, the student or associated parent/legal guardian are required to provide their instructor with cancellation notice 24-hours in advance of their scheduled lesson. A lesson will not be deemed cancelled unless the student or associated parent/legal guardian contact the instructor directly; cancelling the lesson in person, by phone call or by text.

a. If the instructor does not receive notice of cancellation 24-hours in advance, the student will be charged in full. Any cancellation outside of these standards, including “morning of” cancellations and “no show” lessons will be charged. 

2) If a student or associated parent/legal guardian fails to notify the students instructor of a cancellation and such actions result in a “no show” lesson, it is the responsibility of the student or associated parent/legal guardian to contact the instructor in person, by phone or by text and inform the instructor if the student plans to attend their next scheduled lesson. Failure to do so may result in the schedule lesson spot being permanently filled by someone on the “Waiting List”. 

3) If a student is more than 15 minutes late to their scheduled lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and payment for the lesson is required. 


In order to avoid late payment fees please review payment standards detailed in the Payment Policy. 

Addressing Regular Absenteeism: 

1) Students absent for more than 2 consecutive lessons (due to vacation(s), extra-curricular activities or other long-term absences) must provide 24-hour notice of cancellation, as detailed above. Additionally, payment will be required for missed lessons exceeding the initial 2 absences in order to hold their lesson spot if they plan on continuing as usual upon their return. 

2) We ask that you maintain regular attendance at your scheduled lesson spot. If you are not able to maintain your lesson spot consistently please get in touch with your instructor to discuss moving to a less frequent riding schedule. Silver Sage Equestrian and its instructors reserve the right to ask any student who is attending 50% or less of the scheduled lessons to move to a less frequent lesson spot. For students in weekly spots this would mean switching to an every other week schedule. For students in every other week spots this would mean going on a call list to contact for one time openings throughout the month. 



Silver Sage Equestrian is open to scheduled riding lessons Monday thru Saturday, year-round. This includes holidays. Instructors will contact students directly if they need to cancel a scheduled lesson due to a holiday; otherwise, students should plan on their lesson being held that day. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson on a holiday it is the student’s responsibility to provide 24-hour notice of cancellation to avoid being charged for the lesson. 

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